“It’s Not Really a Fountain” Locative media project for Newcastle City Council.
Sited in the Grainger Market Newcastle on Tyne. Goods were tracked out from the market to shoppers’ homes, then tracked back along the supply chain as far as possible. The journeys were recorded using a mobile phone camera and images from the phone tracking site as it followed the goods. Images were then edited and made into short videos on DVD.
They were projected onto a sculpture made as an homage to the Victorian fountains which used to be in the market. This acted as a further part of the edit, giving scope for more optical illusions.
Many thanks to the market traders and shoppers who took part in this project.


NewcastleCity Council


Universal Fiberoptics


R&B Facilities

The making of this project was featured in an article for Edit Well Magazine


Remake for Edit Well article

using motion paths and nesting.

Original video made on mobile phone and projected onto sculpture