Letters of support for the Tyne River Project


Dear Barbara


I am emailing to confirm South Tyneside Council's support in the development of the River Project.


My colleague Heather Walton (currently on maternity leave) and I have met with you to discuss the project and as a result we feel that it is of interest in terms of exploring new technologies to create artworks, and also in its relevance to the borough and its maritime context.


Should you require further assistance from South Tyneside Council to develop the project please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Best wishes


Lauren Bishop
Cultural Development Assistant
Central Library Building
Prince Georg Square
South Shields
NE33 2PE

Telephone: 0191 424 6638
Fax: 0191 427 0469
Email: lauren.bishop@southtyneside.gov.uk


Hi Barbara


We can offer you travel for two people for this. Could you let me know what dates you are looking at please?


Many Thanks



Sophie O’Mahoney for DFDSSeaways

Hi Barbara


Useful meeting this afternoon,  I thought, and it helped to clarify the project more in my mind.


I'd like to be able to support it, particularly as the content will be derived from North Tyneside (and South Tyneside as well, obviously, since we share the river mouth!!) - but I would need to be assured that it will have enough of a North Tyneside focus when it is launched/exhibited/installed. That doesn't mean it would have to take place exclusively in North Tyneside, but, for example, if we were the only local authority to put in any funding then we couldn't accept the launch, or live event, etc, happening in Newcastle.


All of this can be discussed further, of course, as the project develops.

 When you come to put in the bid to ACE for stage 1 funding, I'm happy to have a look at a draft application in advance.






Mike Campbell

Arts & Creative Development Manager

North Tyneside Council

Town Hall

High Street East


Tyne & Wear

NE28 7RR